Chilli update 2020-Aug-Sat 02:26:24

Note: The last step of Chilli Challenge had an encoding problem which is now resolved! thanks to hellman

Open Band PoW 2020-Aug-Sat 04:34:47

The PoW (Proof of Work function) for Open Band task is disabled.

Heaven Update 2020-Aug-Fri 06:00:47

Please redownload Heaven file. We have updated the task.

Butterfly Effect Timing 2020-Aug-Fri 04:05:28

We have modified the Butterfly Effect task. It is now 1 bit simpler and you may not face any issue related to timing.

First Blood! 2020-Aug-Fri 03:14:00

Congrats to @hellman for the submission of the first flag for a non-baby challenge!

CTF registration is now open! 2020-Jun-Thu 03:36:46

Registration is open now, please go to the registration page. If you have any problem with the registration process, feel free to contact us. Note that anyone can register freely.

2nd Crypto CTF 2020 website 2019-Oct-Tue 02:21:11

The 2nd Crypto CTF website is now online. The countdown timer shows the remaining time to 2nd Crypto CTF 2020. There are some links to access News, FAQ, etc. You can see Crypto CTF archives here.